KSK Capital LLC is a principal investment firm deploying its proprietary capital in alternative assets with a particular focus on Private Equity and Venture Capital. We invest across sectors and geographies focusing on wealth and value creation, we deploy our own capital and partner or form strategic alliances to attain our objectives.

KSK Capital is committed to pursuing a prudent strategy designed to add value and grow its wealth over the long-term by investing in select business opportunities and or asset classes with relatively consistent macro- economic advantages and strong earnings potential.

Investment Philosophy

We aim to invest in the businesses of tomorrow. This requires a clear understanding of the current economic conditions and the forces shaping the future. Our approach starts by identifying the major themes and trends that are changing the business environment.

We believe that the key to success is a meticulously designed and managed investment process, grounded in a framework that informs strategy and guides due diligence. Value creation for us starts from the deal sourcing stage by applying the correct filters and effective communication of the potential and purpose of the investment to all stakeholders. A rigorous due diligence is not complete without a clear post acquisition strategy and actionable plan. A detailed value creation map is used, and continuously updated, throughout the investment period to ensure reaching the full potential of the investment.

Core to KSK Capital is blending traditional values and proven methods with a dynamic proactive approach and a collaborative mind set. We have a learning culture within our organization, continuously enhancing our skills and knowledge, and expect that in our portfolio companies. The primary objective of KSK Capital is to grow wealth and create value, and our primary tools are patience and smart capital.