Private Equity

We invest across sectors regionally and internationally, our focus is on situations where we can clearly identify growth and value creation opportunities that can provide above average returns.

  • Control Investments
    Control or buyout investments, significant influential minorities are looked at very selectively in cases of co-investment or management buyouts.
  • Operating companies
    Operating businesses with existing cash flows that can be enhanced by our involvement, turnarounds and distressed looked at selectively.
  • Geographic Diversification
    Regional/Global Diversification of investments.
  • Sector Diversification
    Invest across sectors to take advantage of varying sector strengths globally or regionally.

Venture Capital

We are open to opportunities from seed to late stage VC, we also include in Venture Capital developing projects and joint ventures. The main points we look for are:

  • Scalable
    High potential for growth and expansion.
  • Disruptive
    Business models and technologies that are changing the dynamics of a sector.
  • Management
    Strong management or entrepreneur behind the venture.

Real Estate

In Real Estate we look for opportunities where we can differentiate ourselves from the typical Real Estate investment manager, where we can bring a Private Equity value creation approach. This can take the form of identifying market gaps or employing our structuring and financial engineering capabilities.